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We have breifly outlined the process of a liquidation so that you better understand your commitments as a director. For more information then please call us free on 0800 0662 280

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Process Of Liquidation

Step 1 – DAY 1
Hold Board Meeting to convene Creditors Meetin for the company liquidation

Step 2 – DAY 2 – 4
Arrange for company assets to be professionally valued and sold

Step 3 – DAY 2 – 5
Collect company records and obtain details of the reasons leading to the current financial position

Step 4 – DAY 5 – 14
Prepare reports and supporting documents for the Creditors Meeting

Step 5 – DAY 14 – 20
Reports and supporting documents are forwarded to the director(s) to review

Step 6 – DAY 21
Creditors Meeting is held and the company is placed into voluntary liquidation

Step 7 – DAY 22
You, the director, can now relax and concentrate on your next venture without any stress

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