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Free Liquidation Advice Service – Call 0800 066 2280

Free Liquidation Advice Service – Call 0800 066 2280


A company may apply to the registrar to be struck off the register and dissolved.

The company can do this if it is no longer needed. For example, the directors may wish to retire or it is a subsidiary whose name is no longer needed. Some companies who are dormant or non trading choose to apply for dissolution/strike off.

This procedure is not an alternative to formal insolvency proceedings. Even if the company is struck off and dissolved, creditors and others could apply for the company to be restored to the register.

If you wish to dissolve your company but it owes money you will have to liquidate the company. Once the company is liquidated, the liquidator, upon closing the liquidation, will write to Companies House to have the company dissolved.

If your company is insolvent and owes money to suppliers, HMRC, landlord, etc, I would advise you to read the liquidation page of our website.

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Many directors consider company dissolution as a way of winding up an insolvent company when in fact what is required is for the company to be liquidated.

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